Saturday, August 10, 2013

Rendon makes the adjustment

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Throughout his amateur and minor-league career, Anthony Rendon knew he could rely on his natural talent and ability to hit a baseball and thrive at each level of the sport.

But as every rookie major leaguer finds out, talent is only one part of the equation at this level, where pitchers quickly develop a book on every hitter and find ways to exploit weaknesses.

Rendon has experienced this over the last several weeks, and he has embraced the challenge.

"It's been fun. You actually have to put in work," he said. "It's not really just a game any more. You have to figure out how to get better. When you're younger, it comes a little easier for you. But up here they study the game, and that's what's been fun about studying the film, just trying to figure out how to beat those guys."
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Candide said...

Yeah, it was just a week or two ago we were starting to see posts here about how Rendon wasn't ready for the bigs yet, and even one or two suggesting we should find a way to bring Espinosa back.

SonnyG10 said...

Too bad Espinosa couldn't make the adjustments.

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