Friday, September 9, 2011

Strasburg's remaining schedule

Stephen Strasburg is tentatively scheduled to make four consecutive starts at Nationals Park before possibly pitching the season's final game at Florida.

Manager Davey Johnson outlined the right-hander's schedule for the remainder of the month, detailing a plan that has Strasburg (who debuted Tuesday night against the Dodgers) penciled in to start Sunday against the Astros, Sept. 17 against the Marlins and Sept. 23 against the Braves.

Depending on how things stand at that point, Johnson said, Strasburg could start the Nationals' season finale (Sept. 28 at Florida) on normal rest.

Though the schedule sets up nicely for the Nationals to draw home crowds for three more of the right-hander's outings, Johnson insisted "it has nothing to do with home or road." Rather, the club wanted to give Strasburg an extra day of rest on occasion, using a plan similar
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Anonymous said...

Rain [or not] now this??? >:-( Curses, foiled again!!!

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