Sunday, September 25, 2011

Managerial search will be brief

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Davey Johnson is likely to return as Nationals manager next season.
The Nationals' formal search for their 2012 manager will be a brief process and include only a handful of candidates, headlined by Davey Johnson.

General manager Mike Rizzo said today he doesn't anticipate this search to be as far-reaching or take as long to complete as previous ones he and the Nationals have conducted.

"Because we've done this exercise before, we've got a very streamlined group of high quality candidates that we're going to talk to," Rizzo said before the club's home finale against the Braves. "I anticipate the process being much quicker, because we've already identified a lot of the candidates that we're going to talk to."

Johnson, who took over as manager for the rest of this season on June 27 after Jim Riggleman abruptly resigned over a contract dispute, remains the heavy favorite to retain his position. Rizzo attempted to sign Johnson to a long-term contract in June, but Major League Baseball requires clubs to conduct full, formal managerial searches
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Anonymous said...

If Johnson manages Lannan won't be in the rotation.

SonnyG10 said...

I think it will be Davey.

Anonymous said...

At least Kilgore is making some sense ... even if Mark and his former protege' Ben Goessling are lost in political correctness.

While John Lannan has become a stalwart for the Nationals’ rotation, he could be the most logical pitcher for the Nationals to consider trading for outfield help. Lannan would draw interest – he turns 27 in two days and is one of 27 pitchers to post an ERA of 4.00 or better in at least 700 innings since 2008. He is due a large raise in arbitration this offseason, too. The Nationals would not be thrilled to trade him, but they will need to deal some player of value to acquire the outfielder they’re looking for.

“I’d like to add at least one bat,”Davey Johnson said. “We might have it within the system with some of the guys already here. It’s not like a must move. I don’t think we’re going to have to be making dramatic moves over the winter. The big move that we made this year is establishing the young guys. The lineup is much more efficient now that these guys have established themselves.”

And Johnson will be kept closely in the loop on potential trades where Riggleman was ostensibly left out. Why? Read the LAST SENTENCE ABOVE ye who claim to have inner knowledge from unnamed sources: The lineup is much more efficient now that these guys have established themselves. Riggleman was complete opposed to this and preferred playing his veterans. Period. End of Story.

N. Cognito said...

Anonymous said...
"At least Kilgore is making some sense ... even if Mark and his former protege' Ben Goessling are lost in political correctness."

What the hell are you talking about? If you're referring to some other articles, the least you can do is reference it or provide the appropriate quotes, otherwise you simply look like a complainer.

The Explainer said...

N. Cognito,

To fill you in: Anon @ 5:01 and 5:16, probably the same poster, were among those calling for Mr. Riggelman's head over the first portion of this past season. Now they are calling for Mr. Lannan's head (or, at least, his trade or demotion or release -- it's not entirely clear). Somehow, they have concluded that Mark Zuckerman and Ben Goessling are being "politically correct" by predicting that Mr. Lannan will be in the rotation next year. Which, given that Mr. Lannan is still with the Nationals, seems a reasonable proposition. But they are 100% certain that Lannan will be gone, gone, gone, therefore they are dumping on Mr. Z. for not including that certainty in his postings. Hope that helps.

The real Explainer said...

N. Cognito,

You read too little or ignore too much.

For starters:

There is a blogger on the Nationals site who still deeply begrudges what happened to Riggleman. And on her own web site. Want to read an embittered whiner who likely had a romantic crush on Riggleman?

That sort of crap is the most ludicrous ... and then there are the posters who like to claim that Riggleman was .500 before he suddenly resigned. What team have these people been watching these past 5 years?

You know what I said Morse would be something and he was yet there are still those who claim he is AAAA to this very day ... you see it in their half-hearted claps when they post on days when Morse does well.

Dude and you call me the complainer???????!!!!! WRONG.

Lannan is the old and its surely past time to bring in the fresh and new. It seems to be working with this team right now.

Anonymous said...

Nationals site Meant to say MASN site.

And why would anyone want John Lannan's head? That too is ridiculous. What I would like to see is that he not be given ANY GUARANTEED spot in the rotation given the talent they now have available pitching-wise. Soon to improve. Instead of just giving him a starting job based on the fact he has been in the rotation during all of these past losing seasons why not let him compete head-to-head, even-up with the other lefties.

Its the same with Livo. He should not just be given a starting slot and apparently under Johnson he won't. As it should be and WAS NOT.

I like things they way they are I just wish the MASN (especially) and perhaps Mark would try to look at things more objectively as Kilgore and Boz apparently manage to do.

Drew8 said...

C'mon people.

It's understandable to be frustrated from time to time, but a lot of us migrated here and stayed because this is a Nats oasis.

I was happy to find a reporter with chops who attracted fans notable for their smarts, civility, wit and perspective.

It's disappointing to see this vestige of mean-spiritedness today, especially in a glorious home stretch for the Nats.

In the words of that famed scout, Rodney King: Can't we all just get along?

NatsLady said...

Angels just dropped a game they could not lose, with a four-run ninth. We have GOT to keep our pitchers healthy for September next year if we are in it.

(From the previous post): Davey will be back. He's got the rust off (and I do think there was some rust, not in terms of "the game" but in terms of current players, ours and other teams'). His mind is working now, he's moving the chess pieces around. And--he took a curtain call and clearly enjoyed it.

Wow, the Red Sox just GAVE the Yanks three runs. Whew!

MicheleS said...

Hey NegAnon
if you love WaPo so much just stay over there! I love Boz but calling him objective is hilarious! He might have more access, but even I think he is all sunshine and roses! And I am an optimist!

JaneB said...

I wish they would move Davey into an advisor's role and give the club to Bo Porter. He has injected real juice into things, is smart and I would not want to see him add that to the Fish.

Eugene in Oregon said...

Looking forward -- I see no need to create counter-factual 'what ifs' involving former managers -- I fully expect the Nats to rehire Mr. Johnson after a quick, perfunctory search that minimally fulfills MLB's diversity requirements. And I'm mostly okay with that (at least in terms of Mr. Johnson's managerial skills).

My only hesitation, based on his own statements over the past few months, is that I don't think Johnson would be committed to the team for more than a couple of seasons. If, as the ownership and upper management promise, the Nats are looking to create a multi-year dynasty (a la the Braves of the 1990s/early-2000s), might the team be better served by a younger manager who could lead the team for at least five to 10 years?

In other words, does it make more sense to find that manager now (whether Mr. Porter or someone else), so that he could lead the Nats through next year's initial efforts to contend and thereby grow with the team? I have my doubts as to whether November 2013 will be good time to begin yet another managerial search.

MicheleS said...

Okay folks, one thing we have to realize, is that even if Bo does go to the Fish, that owner sucks, has no patience and will fire Bo after 1 season, maybe 2 at most!

Seriously, even if we only have DJ for a couple of years, he can solidify this franchise. And then if Bo does leave, we can bring him back. I would say look at the braves dugout to see that type of grooming/handover (Cox to Freddie). And everyone of us would take being in a playoff fight right now!

Anonymous said...

@ The Real Explainer (6:18 pm), do you mean Jenn Jenson a/k/a NatsFanGirl? Some posts need footnotes. Ugh.

/my confused brain asking 'wtf?'

Nats fan in NJ said...

What does it mean that, last night, I dreamt that Bo Porter was named the manager with DJ's blessing?

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