Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Updates on Detwiler, Morgan

Ross Detwiler and Nyjer Morgan each were in uniform in the Nationals' clubhouse this afternoon, each looking to the naked eye like he could play in tonight's game if needed.

Of course, both players are on the 15-day disabled list, both with right hip injuries. The good news, though, is that neither injury appears serious and the Nats hope each will be able to return soon after his 15 days are up.

Detwiler worked out with pitching coach Steve McCatty this afternoon and reported no problems with his hip, which required surgery back in February. He underwent an MRI yesterday, but the the results of that test haven't been revealed yet.

"Detwiler said he feels pretty good actually today," manager Jim Riggleman said. "That's encouraging. I don't think it's anything we're going to get too far ahead of ourselves with. But he did say he felt better than he did the last couple days."

Morgan, meanwhile, was in Nashville over the weekend getting an MRI of his own hip. That test did reveal "an issue," as Riggleman described it, though it's apparently not something that needs surgery.

Morgan maintained all along he could play and wasn't happy about being placed on the DL last week in Arizona.

"It's going to be pain tolerance more than anything else," Riggleman said. "If he feels good, he can play. If he's feeling something, it's an indication that he's going to have to shut it down. I know Nyjer's irritated that he's on the disabled list. He felt like could have played through this. But once you go to the trainer and say, 'I want to know what's wrong,' and they find something, we've got to be conservative about it."


Steveospeak said...

As much as I enjoy Morse in the lineup, Morgan could still have a future as a frontline leadoff man.

Hopefully Detwiler can come back soon as well. The rotation is getting pretty full, but I still want to see more of Detwiler this year.

JaneB said...

I miss Nyjer. Love Morse, Miss Nyjer.

NatsJack in Florida said...

What do you miss most, the lollipop throws from the outfield or the getting picked off?

Anonymous said...

Nothing says summer fun like two made up injuries to create room on the roster. I would be PO'd too if I was Nyjer!

JaneB said...

NatsJack -- I miss the way he steals bases and creates runs. He gets picked off because he takes more chances than other people -- AND he is rewarded for those chances more often than you give him credit for. Just the other day, he crossed home plate on completely manufactured base running. I miss the spectacular catches -- and he makes 'em. The entire team has been error prone this year; he's no worse there than anyone. I miss the joyful way he takes the field, the little hop he takes when he is about to catch a ball. I am glad Morse is getting a try out -- we're all curious about what he could do if he was in consistently. I think its too bad they had to DL Nyjer over something that seems not real. But the main point here is: people who think he's bad are not looking at the whole picture.

NatsJack in Florida said...

He leads ALL OF BASEBALL in getting picked off AND getting thrown out stealing.

He's made exactly 1 catch that ranks as spectacular and played at least 6 other catchable balls into three base hits and inside the park home runs. He has absolutely no arm and can't hit a cut off man if his life depended on it.

He's barely a AAA ball player with so many weaknesses we couldn't get any other team interested in his services.

That's the whole picture.

JaneB said...

My last comment on this, NatsJack: Your incomplete "whole picture" leaves out the fact that he's number two on the league list of base stealers this season. Lots of attempts results in more pick-offs and throw outs than someone who is less aggressive. Bottom line here is that you have a filter through which you only see about him what you want to see. I'm glad Rizzo and Riggleman have a less biased filter.

Sec3MySofa said...

I liked Morgan even when he was in Pittsburgh, and was glad they got him, and it pained me to realize it, but I think we're seeing what he is--streaky and reckless, occasionally good.

He gets picked off so much, not because he's more aggressive, but because his mechanics are flawed. He rocks from side to side taking his lead. When he's doing that, he's spending an inordinate amount of time going toward second, AKA "leaning the wrong way." Just a matter of throwing over often enough to get him.

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