Thursday, August 26, 2010

Strasburg enhanced MRI [updated]

UPDATE AT 12:15 A.M. -- The Nationals plan to hold a conference call in the morning or early afternoon to provide an update on Strasburg's condition. Just throwing this out there, but would you normally expect a team to hold a conference call to say everything's OK?

Stephen Strasburg underwent the enhanced MRI known as an arthrogram earlier today. Now the rookie right-hander and the Nationals can do nothing but wait for the results to learn whether there is any damage to his forearm or elbow beyond the previously diagnosed flexor tendon strain.

The Nats may have results of the test, in which a dye was injected into Strasburg's forearm to help doctors better see any irregularities, later tonight. The club may not publicly announce the results, however, until tomorrow.

The wait makes for some anxious moments for everyone with the organization.

"Anxious? Yeah, definitely," Jim Riggleman said during his pregame press conference. "I don't even venture to guess. The thing with Stephen is, he was my office yesterday saying: 'I could pitch tonight. I feel great.' But you never know. Jordan Zimmermann last year, he thought he could have pitched through the whole situation. It just wasn't to be. All I can do is wait for it like anybody else."


HHover said...

Way to calm our fears, Riggs--compare SS to a guy who missed a full 12 months and needed TJ surgery.

Nate said...

I'd say a J-Zimm comparison is the best worst-case scenario. John Patterson also had frequent forearm tightness issues.

Sunshine_Bobby_Carpenter_Is_Too_Pessimistic_for_Me said...

Enough of comparing Jesus with Patty. Nobody ever has been Stasburged. A lot of people have been Pattersoned.

David Huzzard said...

A confrence call is better than a press confrence.

Anonymous said...

ESPN is reporting surgery.

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