Monday, March 22, 2010

A clarification

I wrote on Saturday that The Washington Times sent a reporter to Viera to cover Friday night's game who did not appear in the Nationals' clubhouse yet published quotes from pitcher Stephen Strasburg's session with several media members.

I have since been informed the reporter paid his own way to Florida and did not travel at the newspaper's expense. The quotes published in his article were taken from the Associated Press, a wire service the Times pays for content.

I regret any confusion I may have created.


Paul Fischetti said...

You deserve the original rant without clarification. When it comes to losing one's job getting the details all correct is not important.
We don't care about the reporter, we just hate the Times!
Keep up the Great Work!

natsfan1a said...

I would opine that getting the facts straight is important for a journalist or anyone else, particularly in a public venue. Being the pro that he is, Mr. Zuckerman clarified the matter here. That the Times and other local papers evidently do not appreciate his professionalism enough to employ him is their loss. I hope that this blog will only lead to bigger and better things for him.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that the Times apparently published something written by one of its reporters who just happened to be in Viera!! Maybe he wrote something about Disney World, too; maybe it was a travel log article! About the right speed for the Times. Anyway, Mark's articles are a pleasure to read. Too bad the local papers turn a deaf ear to their subscribers. They're missing a opportunity to serve them by employing Mark Z.

peric said...

Reminds me that old saying that has been repeated to me many times ... when you make assumptions you make an ass out of you and me. ~laughing~

Its more fun this way I think.

Steve M. said...

You are a man of integrity to print the clarification!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Someone paid their way to mail it in. Remarkable.

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