Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Reader Q&A with Morgan

As part of my fundraising campaign to cover spring training, I offered readers who contributed at least $60 the opportunity to submit a question to a member of the Nationals. Manager Jim Riggleman and four players (Ryan Zimmerman, Nyjer Morgan, John Lannan and Drew Storen) were gracious enough to participate. Readers were randomly paired up with one of those five gentlemen, and I conducted the interviews over the last week.

Here is the third installment of the Reader Q&A, featuring center fielder Nyjer Morgan...

Ed Dervan (Arlington, Va.): Who do you think is the best basestealer of all-time, not including yourself, of course?
Nyjer Morgan: In my eyes, the best basestealer ... I'm going to probably have to say ... it's got to be between Lou Brock and Rickey Henderson. Even though Rickey got caught a lot, he was a heck of a basestealer.

Carl Herrin (Silver Spring, Md.): When you arrived last year, you were immediately recognized by fans as an impact player. Now that you're here from the beginning of the season, what challenge will there be to continue being that impact player fans have come to expect you to be?
Nyjer Morgan: Basically, I've got to just keep with my same game, don't try to get over myself. Try to stay even-keeled and basically just stay consistent on what I do.

Jonathan Slade (Potomac, Md.): Have you decided to avoid headfirst slides this year in order to avoid injuries?
Nyjer Morgan: If you've been watching a little bit, I have been sliding feet-first. Basically, there's no problem with doing it. It's just now I've got to be smart about sliding. I can't really go headfirst anymore. Until I have to.

Larry McCarthy (Washington, D.C.): When you are playing a home night game, what's your routine like? What do you do during the day? When do you eat? When do you go to the ballpark, etc.?
Nyjer Morgan: Dang, I might as well take you with me! Basically, it just depends on what I did the night before. Normally I just stay on my same routine. Get to the ballpark by 2:00. Do my outfield drills. Just get ready. Joke around and keep the atmosphere loose in the clubhouse and then go from there, get ready to shine for the fans and my teammates.


peric said...

Nice Q&A articles!

FAIL said...

No hockey questions? "Do you ROCK THE RED?"

Section 109 said...

Geez it will be great to have Nyjer back with his great play and contagious positive attitude.

natsfan1a said...

Thanks for another good one (and thanks to the faithful readers for the questions). Now, about this... :-)


I can't really go headfirst anymore. Until I have to.

K.D. said...

Love the Q & A, Mr. Zuckerman. I was thinking of what question I would have asked, then low and behold I watched a little NBA basketball. After several minutes of players whining about calls and flopping whenever bumped, I figured it out. Why, after being hit by a pitch can't you rub the spot? Never could figure that one out.

Doc said...

Dang, I would have liked a few hockey questions. Nij probably could have ended up in the NHL. This was a one independent dude that left home at 16 to play junior hockey on the Canadian praries. All the best for the season, Tony Plush!!!

SRIntrepid said...

nice column

SRIntrepid said...

We saw the boyz play in Jupiter yesterday. Nyger's led off top of the first with a long drive to the warning track--after faking bunt--the cards did not know what was coming

Doc said...

Now Nij was that some chew that I saw in your lower right lip on "Baseball Tonight"? Hey Tony Plush we want you to live long and prosper!

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