Thursday, February 18, 2010

The home stretch

Greetings from the Sunshine State, where the sun is indeed shining. Though I have to say -- and I promise this is the one and only time I'll complain about the weather for the next six weeks -- but it's a bit chilly here just south of Jacksonville. Temperature's probably in the 50s. I can see you all gritting your teeth in frustration right now.

I thought about stopping over in nearby Ponte Vedra Beach and staking out a primo spot for Tiger Woods' press conference tomorrow. But then I heard he's not taking questions and what's the point of that? Chien-Ming Wang will be far more forthcoming than Tiger, and I don't think he even speaks much English.

So we're down to the final leg, about 130 miles from here to Viera. Hopefully you'll be hearing from me again shortly, with photos to prove I actually made it.


Anonymous said...

Mark -

You are almost there, you can do it!

Does CMW speak ANY English??

A couple of issues for you to follow that may be of interest to just more than me as your six-weeks ahead of you:

- How is 2010 ST different than 2009 ST? With this being Riggleman's first Nats camp I think it would be insightful to hear your observations and maybe some quotes from players.

- What times and for how long they are practicing for, what are they doing, drills exercises, etc and once the whole team reports, are they practicing defensive and situational drills?

peric said...

Hope you had fun at Fort Pedro ... ;)

natscan reduxit said...

... my suggestion is not to waste your time with T. Woods, even if he does break down and welcome inquiries.

Speaking for myself, I'd much rather hear from Wang - in his native Taiwanese if that's all you can get.

Or maybe from all those candidates for the Nats' bat boys for this year. Speaking of which, have you ever considered a piece on bat boys, or former bat boys? Whether any of them ever stayed in baseball to any extent? That sort of thing.

natsfan1a said...

Official Zuckerman road trip motto:

I don't really need to hear what Tiger has (or doesn't have) to say, either. OTOH, any Nats news, bons mots, and so forth would be welcome.

BTW, good to "see" you, natscan!

natsfan1a said...

D'oh! I just re-read the opening lines. In the 50s? Da noive of some people. (grumble grumble) :-)

Safe travels on the last leg.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mark,
If its not too late stop off in St. Augustine and bottle up a gallon or two from the Fountain of Youth. Pudge might appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

Surely, you'll be visiting Panera before Space Coast Stadium, no? JT in SC

Anonymous said...

Only 50's - I wish we were so lucky.

Love the Tiger comments.

Enjoy the Spring - best time of my life was the 10 days I spent traveling FL going to games, did 11 games in 10 days. Enjoy and know we all wish we were you these next six weeks.

cadeck13 said...

Are we there yet?????

Jeff Wang said...

CMW doesn't speak Taiwanese as far as I know. he speaks mandarin. Taiwanese is a dialect that ~50% of the people from Taiwan do not speak.

natsfan1a said...

Don't make him stop this car, cadeck. Oh, wait. He already did, in the new post. And I was just getting ready to lead a rousing chorus of "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall," too. :-D

cass said...


Drew Storen was a bat boy (or ball boy?) for the Expos just before they became the Nationals. That's how he met Chad Cordero, who he's said is something of a role model for him. Wouldn't mind hearing more from Drew Storen, of course.

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