Saturday, March 2, 2013

April a month of milestones for Nats?

Photo by the Associated Press
With one of the youngest teams in the majors, the Nationals don’t have any players chasing legendary milestones like 3,000 hits, 500 home runs, or any records for the Hall of Fame. Most of the team’s best players are young and just beginning their careers, maybe some day they will near those marks.

Entering the 2013 season, however, there are a few notable numbers within reach of players on the Nationals. The month of April alone could feature an interesting list of milestones by Washington players.

Here are some numbers Nats players will likely reach in the month of April:

* Ryan Zimmerman plays his 1000th game – Zimmerman is ten games away from the mark after eight major league seasons, two shortened by injury.

* Adam LaRoche hits homer No. 200 – LaRoche is three away from 200 and, if he carries over last season, should have a good start towards 300 after 2013.

* Jayson Werth hits homer No. 150, RBI No. 500 – Werth is five away from each mark and shouldn’t take long to hit them. Five homers in April would be a great month, but it’s doable.

* Zimmerman hits 600 RBI, 600 runs, 400 walks – Zimm will likely also reach 600 RBI (593 currently) and 400 walks (395 currently) before the month is over. He could get to 600 runs (580 currently) as well.

* Dan Haren plays game No. 300 – The ten-year veteran is four games away from hitting 300 and will likely pitch his 2000th inning (1876.2 IP currently) at some point later in the season as well.

* Jordan Zimmermann pitches 500th inning – Zimmermann is starting his fifth season in the majors and is just 20.2 innings away from No. 500.

* Stephen Strasburg pitches game number 50 – Entering his fourth season, Strasburg has just 45 games under his belt.

* Davey Johnson gets loss No. 1000 – Yes, the Nationals are probably going to win a lot more than they lose this season. But Davey is just five losses away from 1000. Safe bet is on him getting that in April.

* Davey gets win No. 1300 – He is also just 14 wins away from 1300 in his managerial career. Which will he get first, 1300 wins or 1000 losses?

* Davey coaches No. 250 with the Nationals – Johnson is at 245 right now and should get this one pretty quickly. The most interesting part, however, is that if Davey coaches this whole season with Washington (as expected) he will have coached the Nats longer than he did the Reds, Orioles, and Dodgers. Only the Mets did he coach longer with a stint of 1012 games.

* Davey begins MLB season No. 30 – April 1 will mark the 30th major league season for Davey Johnson, combining his 13 as a player and 16 before this year as a manager.


Faraz Shaikh said...

If Zim scores 20 runs in the month means our offense is on fire, I will take that.

Gonat said...

Agreed Faraz!

JayB said...

How did Werth get that contract with his age and less than 150 HRs. Hell Pete Rose had more before 30 in the dead ball error I would bet.

Bottom line on that signing was I was in complete agreement that they had to way way over pay someone to get into the FA game. Why did they need to do it and overpay so much? This was due to a very poor development plan and execution by Jimbo and Stan and the lack of any baseball IQ on the Lerner's part.

Thank Good someone (Stan I hate to admit) hired Rizzo....More importantly thank god Jimbo was so stupid and complacent with the whole Dominican budget that Mark Lerner had to fire Marks leather pants wearing, seaway riding, drunk driving idol.

Faraz Shaikh said...

is that your way of complimenting Rizzo, JayB?

NatsLady said...

Was anyone at the game yesterday? Sounded like a lot of Nats fans from the cheering I heard. How did Clip look?

Mac said...

Chase Hughes needs to read Terry Francona's new book and learn that baseball managers don't like it when they're referred to as "coach."

Tcostant said...

Amazing that Davey will have managed at years end longer than ant stint other than the Mets. Just amazing. Btw cmw pitched great last night in the WBC.

MicheleS said...

NatsLady.. Sofa was at the game and quite a few others. Lots of families going down too. Seen a lot of great pics.

Sofa found some new fabric that he wants to try out!

NatsJack in Florida said...

Didn't have tickets to a Braves game for the first time ever but as a "Born Again Floridian", I wouldn't have gone anyway due to the "Below 60 and Falling" rule I have.

Sec. 3, My Sofa said...

I was at Thursday night, couldn't make yesterday or today. Maybe Sunday ... here on business.

SonnyG10 said...

NatsJack, make sure you stay away from those sink holes down there.

Anna Peregrina said...

Didn't see the game, but I see the Shark got a double and drove in 2 in Netherlands victory over Korea.

Steve Hayes said...

When the Nats see themselves winning 5 less games this year than last, they can look to dumping Morse's 30 homers, .300 avg. and his 40 doubles, for a weak, punch and Judy .265 hitter, hitting 5 homers, and stealing 10 bases. That's a good deal? It's a joke. When Laroche hits .250 and swats 22 homers and drives in 75 runs, the Nats can conclude they f'd up the winter. Rizzo and Davey own this season.

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