Friday, March 22, 2013

Nats sign Romero to minor-league deal

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J.C. Romero posted a 3.86 ERA for Puerto Rico in the WBC.
VIERA, Fla. -- Ever in search of a left-handed specialist who could help them at some point this season, the Nationals have signed veteran reliever J.C. Romero to a minor-league contract with an invitation to big-league camp.

Romero will be in uniform tomorrow and pitch against the Mets in Port St. Lucie, but general manager Mike Rizzo made it clear the 36-year-old won't make the Opening Day roster.

"I don't feel that's realistic," Rizzo said. "It's been conveyed to him that we don't feel it's realistic. He'll go to the minor leagues and perform down there, and if he can help us down the road, we'll go grab him."

Rizzo likened Romero's signing to last year's acquisition of Michael Gonzalez, who spent a month at Class AAA Syracuse and then became a key member of the Nationals' bullpen straight through the postseason.
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NatsJim said...

I think this is great insurance given his performance in the WBC... given that it's a minor league deal just makes it that much better.

SCNatsFan said...

Gonzo version 2.0 I hope

Tcostant said...

Smart move - he looked great in the WBC games I saw.

Section 222 said...

Gonzo version 2.0 would be great. I wonder what it was that allowed Gonzo to have such a good year with us in 2012, compared to his previous two mediocre years. Take a look at these numbers:

In 2009, he played for ATL, appeared in 80 games, and had a 2.42 ERA.
2011/BAL, TEX/56/4.39

J.C. Romero
2011/PHI, COL/36/4.01
2012/STL, BAL/16/9.00

For Gonzo, was it simply coming to the NL from the AL, or do Davey and McCatty have some magic potion? If it's the former, Romero doesn't get that advantage, but if it's the latter, maybe they can resurrect his career too.

Rabbit34 said...

Since we have a shaky bullpen, we'll take all the help we can get! Now, let's get those bats going today. Let's build some momentum for the season.

sjm308 said...

222 - I am not a stats guy for sure but I think you used one of the worst possible stats for a reliever. If they have one poor outing and give up 3 or 4 runs in an inning or less, it can take them the entire season to get their era back to something decent. I am sure there are other numbers out there to prove your point but I tend to not even look at a relievers era unless its something outstanding like .000!!

I also want to respond to a poster from about 3 articles back saying the Braves are loaded. Yes, they have a nice club but I quickly looked at them position by position vs our lads
3rd Base - Nationals
SS - Nationals
2nd Base - Nationals
First Base - Braves (this was the first close one)
Left Field - Nationals
Center Field - Braves
Right Field - Brave (If Heyward bounces back)
Catcher - Nationals right now with McCann out
Starting Pitching - Nationals
Bullpen - Braves
Bench - Nationals
Manager - Nationals
Radio Announcers - Nationals
Blog posters - Nationals
ok, ok, will stop now.

Section 222 said...

sjm, I agree that ERA isn't as good a stat for relievers as it is for starters, but when you're talking about 30-50 appearances, it's not so bad. But here's their respective WHIP. Maybe Gonzo didn't make as big a leap as we think, but he still improved. And Romero would have to become a completely different guy to be as good.

If someone thinks there's another stat to use for this kind of comparison, I'm all ears.


2009 -- 1.197
2010 -- 1.297
2011 -- 1.350
2012 -- 1.318


2009 -- 1.560
2010 -- 1.609
2011 -- 1.703
2012 -- 2.000

Kirbs said...

SJM, I will disagree with you on center field. I will take the 380ish OB% of Spann Vs. the 220ish BA with 25 or so HR of BJ upton.

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