Thursday, June 7, 2012

Beltway Baseball - 6/7/12

Did the Nationals make the right choice in drafting Lucas Giolito? Is Michael Morse about to break out at the plate? Should Bryce Harper be considered for the All-Star Game?

Chase Hughes of and Amanda Comak of the Washington Times joined me yesterday to discuss those subjects and more on our latest episode of Beltway Baseball. We also answered questions you submitted through this site.

Thanks for watching!


Anonymous said...

Mark, I love Beltway Baseball, but can you please tell your production team to either pump up the compression on the audio or have Chase not hold the mic so close to his face. In every episode you and Amanda have similar audio levels, and then Chase's voice booms over the speakers. Thanks!

Ghost Of Steve M. said...

Mark, good Q&A on Henry Rodriguez. I still.think they will get creative to avoid DFAing him.

Kenz aFan said...

I'm surprised the site's webmaster hasn't said anything about the size of the video files that are used. They are HUGE, and every time I try to watch one, my bandwidth meter turns red and the page gets shut down.

PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE, do something about the file sizes. I've not gotten past the 3 second mark on any of the videos.

Pose of the Cobra said...

Short of putting him on the DL, the only way to get Henry off the 25-man roster is to DFA him. Are you suggesting a regimen of Cobra Pose for him? If so, send a camera crew.

Soul Possession, My Hitterish Sofa said...

Since the question came up in the video:

Steinberg explains the situation with Metro staying open (or not)

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