Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Durbin signs with Braves

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Chad Durbin couldn't make the Nats' bullpen, but the Braves scooped him up.
The Braves announced this afternoon they signed Chad Durbin to a major-league contract, a curious move considering the Nationals had yet to announce they released the right-hander.

That formal announcement, though, appears to be coming following today's exhibition finale against the Red Sox, at which point the Nationals will finalize their Opening Day roster.

Durbin was hoping to make the club as the final arm in manager Davey Johnson's bullpen, but that spot will now go to either Ryan Mattheus or Craig Stammen. Both right-handers have options and can be sent to Class AAA Syracuse without risk of losing them.

Durbin pitched well this spring, posting a 2.35 ERA in 10 relief appearances, striking out 15 while walking three. A former member of the Phillies' 2008 World Series-winning staff, he was attempting to make the club as a non-roster invitee.

The veteran's contract with the Nationals included an opt-out clause in case he didn't make the Opening Day roster, and Durbin apparently enacted it earlier today.


Will said...

I would assume that the Nats had unofficially notified Durbin that he was to be released (which I don't think makes much sense since both Mattheus and Stammen could be demoted without consequence).

But if they didn't give such approval, what are the consequences? Don't the Nationals retain all rights to the player? Are there rules governing contact with other teams' players?

NatsLady said...

Very fair. Yes, they have kept Durbin for 2 weeks but they still would have lost him when Storen comes back. Stuff like that is bad karma.

Boy, Atlanta is sure scooping up everything that other teams spit out.

NatsLady said...

Er, could have kept. Got distracted by Desi's 2nd walk of the year.

Anonymous said...

Chad got the word from the club and as soon as the news went out, within 5 minutes he had the call from the Braves. He texted me immediately.
I have posted anonymously a few times this spring watching the progress.
He did not need to end up in long relief. Most likely where he would have ended up. This is a great move for Chad. He is my son. I have seen the hard work, and how much baseball is a business. He had hoped for his postion to be in middle relief with the Nats, but this is good for all. The Nats have put together a good team. Good luck Nats. Go Braves!

Theophilus said...

Durbin was insurance against a possible typhoid epidemic in the bullpen and nothing more. Thankfully the FO wasn't buffaloed by his seeming effectiveness in ST, as they were with Gaudin last year and that guy from NYY a couple of years before that.

JaneB said...

Chad's mom or dad, we wish him the best. Thanks for giving us the scoop. And though you'll be rooting against us for a bunch of games, we are glad you were an Insider for a while.

Anonymous said...

Pretty cool that Chad's Dad was posting here. Now I kinda wish we'd have kept him!

Does make you wonder whether we could have eeked out a trade for a prospect though.

Anonymous said...

I can only say this. It has been many years and he has had great successes and as many players do, failures. But to all the idiot posters that are player wannabe types and sit and judge, they just do not get it. These guys are still the best and have put with crap for years with the MLB. They are not all multi millionair players and try desperately to get the job done with as little damage as possible. Every day there are many players out there struggling who yesterday were heroes. Chad has a Championship ring. As all Dad's would be I am very proud, not so much of the baseball, but of the man he has become. He always says that I should not read the columns or see the blogs. I can deal with it. I just hope that each of the idiot posters on sites, treat their own kids better than they treat others kids. It is baseball! A great sport and all of the players are busting their butts. If they are not trying, believe me it is a business and they will be gone. I wish Washington the best, but cannot wait to go to Atlanta for a game. Luck to all! Joe Durbin

rogieshan said...

Cheers, Mr. Durbin.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Skidge said...

It's so cool that you were here, Joe. Best of luck to Chad, and congrats to him and your family on the new addition!

Positively Half St. said...

Mr. Durbin-

Have fun this year, and good luck to Chad. The NL East is going to be quite a battle this year.

I am glad you are excited to read all that might be said about Chad and his team, good or bad, informed or just dumb. Here's hoping that Chad gets at least one big contract. I have wished the same for others that have passed through DC, and it even worked for some. Look at Tim Redding's contract history.

Here's to all the guys who got good news and bad news today. I am shocked by the Lannan demotion, but shouldn't be, when we look at the spring stats.

Go Nats. Let this be our best year yet.


Unkyd said...

All the best to you and Chad, Joe!

BTW.... There will be idiots in Atlanta, too... There's a circular file, in your head... It's for the idiots...;-) Be well and happy....

sm13 said...

From what I read Chad was an asset to the team and its young pitchers. He was just a victim of numbers. I'm glad his Spring performance caught the Braves' eye.

Feel Wood said...

natteringnabob said...
A 5th starter is not needed until Apr 14.
If Lannan is optioned today, can he return on Apr 14 (assuming Wang is not ready)?

Wrong. If they don't use a fifth starter in game 5 (4/10) or game 6 (4/11) then the game 2, game 3 and game 4 starters would all have to pitch their second games on short rest.

Anonymous said...

Chad Durbin pitched extremely well ... but like Detwiler, Gorzelanny, and Lannan he didn't want to end up pitching mop-up. Have to face the facts of baseball: age is a factor. Gorzelanny, Detwiler, Stammen and Mattheus are a lot younger and have many more games in them not to mention, and hopefully, trade value.

In Lannan's case due to the likely one-year-only 5 million salary trade possibilities are limited until desperation hits. That's how a slot would have opened up for an effective veteran like Durbin. The trade didn't happen as expected and so he is now a Brave.

Although last year a veteran like Durbin would have been kept over two younger players like Stammen and Mattheus. There is no doubt with Riggleman at the helm. The exception that proved the rule was Riggleman wanting Broderick the rule 5 pick ... but with him came veteran Gaudin. I didn't see Atlanta jumping all over Gaudin and he can start.

I think it shows the different approach and philosophy the FO took this year with the change in manager (one who is a trusted consensus decision maker with the FO) and coaches from last year. Note the value and superior talent especially of the Non-roster Invitee pitching!

The trend appears to be to go younger and to stick with the players who may have worked even harder than Chad Durbin to move up through the National's farm system. Players like Stammen, Mattheus, Kimball, et al.

As Johnson put it, he has never had players who worked this hard ... in fact, he said, they work too hard!!!

That says a great deal about National's player development AND about the scout's / FO's player selection in terms of both talent and makeup. The farm system is getting almost exponentially better every year.

It does take longer but Davey Johnson prefers to use those players, far younger prospects who have been working hard at honing their craft within the National's system as opposed to external free agents. As someone said to me last year when as I became progressively incensed with Riggleman's stubborn reluctance when it came t using players who weren't a favored veteran ... "that's the way we roll".

Well, now, this year this is "the way we roll". I much prefer it this way; it is far and away more to my liking. I know that every player who tries his best down in the minors will be given every opportunity to contribute to the big club ... not at some undetermined point in th e future ...

But right now if they show they are ready. And not just Bryce Harper. It'll be interesting to see what the consensus is when Anthony Rendon starts tearing up the AA Eastern League at some point this year ... ~smiles~

I think Chad Durbin is a solid relief pitcher but I also think Mattheus and Stammen deserve their shot. Have to admit I favor using the internally developed potential first.

Wally said...

Mr. Durbin - thanks for the reminder about the players. It is easy for those of us who never meet them to lose sight of that (like me), but of course you are right. Good luck to Chad (except against us!), and who knows, maybe we'll wind up together again down the road.

SteveM - kudos again on the news. Since it has now been weeks, any chance you are willing to share the rumored RH OF Lannan almost got traded for?

Lannan to AAA and Det to the rotation has Davey's signature all over it to me. I like that Rizzo is giving him the guys he wants (within reason, i.e. Harper).

Anonymous said...

Mr. Durbin, The idiots are bad everywhere, but the worst have always been Cleveland. I saw it two times in my son's career, and what makes it bad, is I am a sports fan and get it. I get the frustrations at what goes down, but being a father of an MLB pitcher, the average guy does not see what goes on with the business side. The games that get played with the options. My fear was that if Washington kept Chad, he would be simply a pawn to fill a spot until someone got off the DL, then let go. That is the business. By then teams are in mid stride and may not have a spot. I appreciate the honesty in the Nats business side at making the decision they did to let Chad have an option while people are looking. I would love to see the Nats beat Phillie this year, but want the Braves to pull it together and have a solid season. The Nats fans have been the least of the bad bloggers. The Nats fans frustrations have been around, but how would you like to be a Cubs fan.....! Take care and I hope we meet you in the playoffs. How about that!
I could tell you stories of parents losing it in the stands when fans are yelling bad things about their son's. I saw a Mom stand up and yell to the crowd "That is my son your bad mouthing". I would just tell anyone near me that my son is Chad, and most fans were polite enough to just hold it in.
Any of you Dad's with boys coming up. Have them check out ShowcaseU for getting a profile up so schools and scouts see them. I had to pitch my son's website. I would not be a good Dad if I didn't.

Unkyd said...

Good post, 7:34... I was thinking that it sux to be LannEn, but the move says to me that the best 25 really DID come north, and that decisions are being made intelligently, and that we are fortunate to be fans of a very well run club.

I like it...(apologies to JayB...;-)

Anonymous said...

Mr. Durbin here again, I am the one who posted on the 7:45PM post. I read it and it seemed someone was writing to me.
As I said the Nats fan were actually pretty nice compared to Cleveland. Cleveland was so bad when Chad was with them the first time, the Newspaper with the site on line, shut the site down stating the fans were too vulger and demeaning to the team.
Pretty funny!~

baseballswami said...

Joe - thanks for joining us for a while. I am sure that Chad knows baseball is big business. It's nice that another team wanted him so quickly - I am sorry that he will be pitching against us! Good luck to him!

Section 3, My PFB Sofa said...

Glad to see 25-man landing for Durbin, who earned it, and Joe Durbin--don't be a stranger. We wish your son all the success when he's not facing us.

Anonymous said...

Chad Durbin's father again, It has been a journey as a father for the 16 years watching my son be touted as a number one prospect, over used by KC who pretty much ruined him, then surgery, the big business takes over. He has survived it all. He has the ability to learne thru experience. Something I hope Strasburg learns as his motion is completely wrong. It is a long and very painfull career. Most do not make the dollars worth the time away from family, but I can honestyly say Chad has handled it professionaly and is trying to get through the next few years, retire, be a good father and look back on his career as one of experience and success. He has never complained about the business side of baseball, while as a parent you lose respect for the lack of honesty of management. I respect the Nationals organization for not stringing him along and letting him go. He deserves another shot. The Nationals deserve happy fans. I enjoyed this Spring Training. Hoping for a great season for both the Nationals and the Braves. Chad Durbin's father signing off.

Doc said...


Chad is major league ballplayer, and to be one is a rare feat of skill--enough said. I had a professor friend who played in the Cardinals organization. He once told me that he'd give up his full professorship to hit .250 in the Bigs! You are a proud father, and have every right to be one.

I was one fan that was thinking that Chad had a very good spring, and could easily have been kept on the team.

I think that SS has made some modifications in his delivery, but I'm with you in thinking that he needs to make a few more.

And Joe, I hope that you continue to put some posts on NI, even if anonymously, and even if you are now a Braves' fan.

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