Monday, May 28, 2012

Flores improving, Morse getting close

MIAMI -- Jesus Flores says his right hamstring is feeling "much better" today than it did last night when the Nationals catcher had to depart his team's game in Atlanta while running the bases.

Flores is not in the Nationals' lineup today against the Marlins, but he's hoping he could return to play tomorrow night. Manager Davey Johnson, though, says he'll take a more cautious route and would play backup Carlos Maldonado for this entire series if needed to ensure Flores is totally healed for the long haul.

"He was feeling a lot better today, but I'll monitor that closely because of how many catchers we've had go down here," Johnson said. "I don't need another one going down, even if I have to hold him out until Friday. So that'll be played daily."

The Nationals have already lost starting catcher Wilson Ramos for the season with a torn ACL. Rookie Sandy Leon, summoned from Class AA Harrisburg to take Ramos' roster spot, landed on the disabled list himself after suffering a high ankle sprain in his big-league debut.

For now, the Nationals are content to proceed with Maldonado as their only healthy catcher and utilityman Steve Lombardozzi available in case of emergency. Johnson did say they would call upon Jhonatan Solano (recently activated off the DL at Class AAA Syracuse) if they needed another catcher.

Left fielder Michael Morse, meanwhile, could be back in the Nationals' lineup by the end of the week. Morse, out since early March with a torn right lat muscle, will begin a rehab assignment with Class A Potomac tomorrow night. If all goes well, he could come off the DL Friday in time for the start of the Nationals' six-game homestand.

"We'll be cautious on it," Johnson said. "And it'll come from the guys that are watching him down there and the conversations with Michael Morse on how he's feeling down there."


realdealnats said...

Give Flores the whole series off. Ease The Beast back in slow. We're right where we want to be w/the immediate luxury of time being on our side. It's a marathon.

Anonymous said...

excited for the debut of the beast brothers: big beast and baby beast!

together again for the very first time!

Anonymous said...

or, if you prefer... the beast and bam bam.

Doc said...

The Nats' roster is starting to look like something out of an Ed Wood movie. Can we expect Matt Stairs to show up with his hockey pads on??

At least The Beast doesn't have to sneak BP anymore!

JFlo was just starting to ressemble the JFlo before his 2009 injury. He's been awesome behind the plate lately, and he's picking it up in the box.

But good idea to give him complete opportunity for recovery.

NatsLady said...

Flores' offense has been clutch. Also pitchers seem happier now that they have (re)adjusted to his style. Rest him as much as he needs, with Thursday off-day.

Steve J, Alexandria said...

Phew! Good news for Flores and Nats. Flores is just starting to get his MoFLO working. Get well soon.

peric said...

REPOST from previous thread.

Tyler Moore is VERY MUCH a different case and situation compared to Corey Brown.

Moore is a player without a position. Of course the injury to Tracy just might change that. His best position is first base. With LaRoche and Tracy hitting Moore languishes on the bench.

The experiment to put Moore in left field is still a work in progress. He gets at most 2 AB's before Davey double switches him for a defensive replacement. Something he has not done with Lombardozzi in left.

Message? Moore is not even close to ready to play the outfield yet.

Moore needs to return to AAA ... that is of course unless there's another injury to add the countless others and it occurs at first base. Its not like LaRoche is immune given last season's fiasco.

Now Brown? He can start and play CF or any other position in the outfield. Not defensive replacement needed. Five tool with a plus arm and plus ISO given his season in the minors in which just about 1/2 of his hits were for extra bases. Something Mark, of course, failed to mention. That and he has four triples, two coming in the last two games he played along with 2 of those five home runs.

In other words: Brown looks like everyone expected Harper to look down in AAA. He was destroying the IL from his lead-off spot. In fact after he was shut down they promptly went on a losing streak after winning more than losing of late.

Syracuse misses Brown's bat and Tyler Moore's for that matter. Moore really should be returned to the AAA affiliate when he can play every day and learn to play left field.

Positively Half St. said...

Although the game isn't over in the bottom of he 8th yet, I have to keep reminding myself that every team loses a lot of games, even the ones you really, really want to win.


natsfan1a said...

I'm with realdealnats. I'm fine with giving Flores a bit more time if it will help keep him healthy for the longer term, and I'm fine taking it slow on Morse so we'll have his bat for a good, long time. (Hi, Davey! :-))

And I'm with NatsLady on having those who made the ultimate sacrifice in my thoughts today.

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