Monday, December 19, 2011

Full minor-league staffs announced

The Nationals formally announced their full minor-league coaching staffs for 2012 today, promoting from within for their top two affiliates while hiring an experienced manager from outside to take over at high-Class A Potomac.

As was previously revealed, Tony Beasley will move up to manage Class AAA Syracuse after spending this season at Class AA Harrisburg, while Matthew LeCroy is promoted to manage Harrisburg after holding that position at Potomac in 2011.

The new skipper at Potomac will be Brian Rupp, who spent the last eight seasons managing or coaching in the Royals' system. Brian Daubach returns to manage at low-Class A Hagerstown, and Gary Cathcart returns at short-season Class A Auburn. Tripp Keister takes over as the new manager of the rookie Gulf Coast League Nationals after six years at Wesley College.

Here are the full minor-league staffs...

Manager: Tony Beasley
Pitching coach: Greg Booker
Hitting coach: Troy Gingrich

Manager: Matthew LeCroy
Pitching coach: Paul Menhart
Hitting coach: Eric Fox

Manager: Brian Rupp
Pitching coach: Chris Michalak
Hitting coach: Marlon Anderson

Manager: Brian Daubach
Pitching coach: Franklin Bravo
Hitting coach: Mark Harris

Manager: Gary Cathcart
Pitching coach: TBA
Hitting coach: Luis Ordaz

Manager: Tripp Keister
Pitching coach: Michael Tejera
Hitting coach: Amaury Garcia

Manager: Sandy Martinez
Pitching coach: Pablo Frias
Hitting coach: Jorge Mejia
Coach: Emiliano Alcantara

Field Coordinator: Bobby Henley
Pitching Coordinator: Spin Williams
Hitting Coordinator: Rick Schu
Rehabilitation Pitching Coordinator: Mark Grater
Infield Coordinator: Jeff Garber
Outfield/Baserunning Coordinator: Tony Tarasco
Coordinator of Instruction: Gary Cathcart
Medical and Rehabilitation Coordinator: Steve Gober
Strength and Conditioning Coordinator: Landon Brandes
Minor League Equipment Manager: Calvin Minasian


Soul Possession, PFB Sofa said...
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Soul Possession, PFB Sofa said...

Tripp Keister takes over as the new manager of the rookie Gulf Coast League Nationals after six years at Wesley College.

Didn't he coach at Butte?

The Joker said...

No First Base Coaches? They young players need coaches to tell them when to run.

Soul Possession, PFB Sofa said...

Jokester, they need two coaches for that--one at third to give the signs, and one at first to remind them how many outs there are, and to yell "BACK!!" at appropriate times.

Soul Possession, PFB Sofa said...

I think I played against Tripp's brother, Landon.

Wally said...

Tripp is just his nickname. His given name is Parkyer.

natsfan1a said...

Re. base coaches, I believe that coaches tend to fill more than one role in the minors. For instance, I've seen the skipper also coach third base at Potomac.

Anonymous said...

Yawn. Glad to know we have minor league coaches and equipment managers and all, but Mark Z has to have something more than this to tell us today.

The Joker said...

When do the players stop chanting "Hey, Better. Hey, Batter. Swing!"?

Sunderland said...

All of our minor league coordinators need nicknames like Spin has.

Field Coordinator: Blades Henley
Pitching Coordinator: Spin Williams
Hitting Coordinator: Stick Schu
Rehabilitation Pitching Coordinator: Stretch Grater
Infield Coordinator: Pivot Garber
Outfield/Baserunning Coordinator: Stride Tarasco
Coordinator of Instruction: Guru Cathcart
Medical and Rehabilitation Coordinator: Doc Gober
Strength and Conditioning Coordinator: Pecs Brandes
Minor League Equipment Manager: Stuff Minasian

Am I reading right that three of our guys are named Grater, Garber and Gober?

pahou said...

Most minor league teams the manager coaches third while a player coaches first. Sometimes the hitting coach will be at first, but not usual.

Anonymous said...

Looks like its Cameron not Ankiel according to MLBTR.

Anonymous said...

Mike Cameron? He was, at one point, a very, very good CF. That was 2008. Psot PED testingm odd how he came back to earth in pretty much every aspect of the game.

Anonymous said...

This had better be a minor league contract. Cameron was terrible last year, was not so hot in 2010, he's old and he's got a PED infraction in his past, so the clubhouse veteran mentoring jazz can't be too much the song from Rizzo. If they give the guy a chance to make the club, thyen great, but if they are promising him guaranteed MLB money, there is something wrong.


Anonymous said...

Mike Cameron? He was, at one point, a very, very good CF.

He still is but at age 38 his offense appears to be in decline. Still has power and takes lots of walks always has a high OBP. The real problem is that he is another right-handed bat.

But if you are going to play Werth in CF you can't beat bringing Cameron in in the late innings and shifting Werth over.

Wally said...

I think that he is an ok bench guy, and don't worry too much whether it is a major league or minor league deal. He was horrible last year with the bat, but ok in the field (admittedly not Davey's MO).

Like I felt when we signed Ankiel last year, as a guy to take the spot start, PH and get 150-200 ABs, I have no problem with it. But if we give him 400 ABs then it is trouble.

MGG said...


What exactly are the Nats doing? As a fan I am confused and frustrated. They've done nothing so far this off season to make this club better and a 38 year old CF? What?! I don't get that at all, can anyone say Matt Stairs redux? I know building a club is hard, but I guess not filling it with old players seems to be pretty hard too.

Someone PLEASE tell me why the nats did this, cause I am at a complete and utter loss.

Harper_ROY_2012 said...

Mike Cameron is so old, to me this means Bryce will be roaming the outfield in June 2012!

UnkyD said...

Cameron. Like chumming for Trolls....

Drop your lines, people... No limit!!

Wally said...

OK, I'll go for it - Cameron is so old, I've seen stale raisins with less wrinkles.

Cameron is so old, his birth certificate is in Roman numerals.

Cameron is so old, he walked into an antique store and they kept him.

I am here every Monday afternoon.

Capcha was froid - there is something there, I am not sure what it is but I feel the need to talk about it.

natsfan1a said...

According to Ladson, it's a minor league deal.

Anonymous said...

I just got through reading a biography of Eisenhower's presidency, and the author concludes (and I agree) that he was a great man for things he didn't do--like using nuclear weapons over Quemoy and Matsu, etc., etc. Doing nothing is often the best strategy. Period. Done. The development our our young players within the system is WHY this team will be good for years to come. Yawn if you like, but this is the stuff that matters, not who you get to fill in some vacant spot on the bench.

natsfan1a said...

What the heck? My post disappeared. Oh well. See you in the new post.

NatsJack in Florida said... doesn't matter who it was......Dobbs, Cameron, Ankiel,..... any of them.... the Trolls would flock.

Anonymous said...

Cameron is so old, he played for the Prince William Cannons.

Soul Possession, PFB Sofa said...

Wally, that is cold.

Soul Possession, PFB Sofa said...

I don't always repost my own stuff, but when I do, I quote somebody interesting.

Just thought I'd share this exchange with Cubs' beat writer Bruce Miles:

Robert **** posted to Bruce Miles
Bruce, what gives with the Cubs? Players signing elsewhere and Theo does nothing. I don't consider Stewart and DeJesus much of anything. Is there anything out there to get reasonably excited about? Or are Epstein's hands tied by Tom Ricketts who won't allow money to be spent? Most Cub fans I know are beginning to wonder just why Theo came here. Very frustrated............
December 13 at 9:48am ·

Bruce Miles - Opening Day isn't for three and a half months. This mess didn't happen overnight. It won't be fixed overnight. They had to hire a manager and some new coaches. The free-agent and trade markets are still developing. We'll see what happens with Fielder.

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