Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Top 3 draft picks unveiled

Associated Press photo
Alex Meyer meets fellow draft picks Anthony Rendon and Brian Goodwin.
The Nationals introduced their top three draft picks this evening shortly before the start of the game. Third baseman Anthony Rendon, right-hander Alex Meyer and outfielder Brian Goodwin all donned their Nationals jerseys (Rendon wearing No. 23, Meyer No. 17 and Goodwin No. 24).

Scott Boras, who serves as agent for all three players, also appeared and had perhaps the best line of the press conference, as you'll read below.

Here are some of the highlights...

"I first want to thank Mark [Lerner]. I told Mark, being from California, to come here and the hospitality we receive here by having an earthquake to make us feel at home ... I don't know how the Lerners do it. They go out of their way."

On a possible position switch if Ryan Zimmerman remains at third base: "Yeah, I'm always willing to make a position switch. I just want to be in the lineup, to get the opportunity. But my position here is to be a player. I'm not here to manage the team."

Is your shoulder 100 percent now? "Yes. I've been rehabbing throughout the whole summer. I've been throwing, and luckily haven't had any setbacks. It'll be straight-forward from here."

Had you ever been to D.C. before? "Nope. This is my first time. And this is my first earthquake, too. So it's a pretty big day today."

On going to college instead of signing with Red Sox out of high school: "Out of high school, it's a completely different animal than when you're coming out of college. Getting the experience of playing in the SEC, which I believe is the best conference in college baseball. I learned quite a bit of things going there. I grew up, even from a maturity standpoint. So it was the best decision for me at the time. And I'm not second-guessing my decision at all."

Does that give you reason to believe you can reach the majors faster? "Absolutely. I went to college, I got stronger, learned new things when it comes to pitching I'd never thought about before. To have the opportunity to go to college, learn that and get stronger, I definitely feel like it can make the process a lot easier."

On asking for uniform No. 24 because he idolized Ken Griffey Jr.: "I don't think I really went out of my way. But I may have been a little disappointed if I didn't get it."

Have you ever met Griffey? "No, I haven't. If any of you know him, that's fine." (Sorry, Brian. Can't help you there.)

On the plan now for all three players: "We see now these guys are in terrific physical condition. We're going to assess where they're at baseball-wise. Once they report to Florida, we'll put them through their paces to see where they're at. And then they'll start acclimating themselves back into the everyday-ness of baseball."


A DC Wonk said...

I just love the sound of, which we've heard from pundits all over the country, the phrase: the Nats had the best draft day in 2011 of any team in baseball.

And major dudos to the Lerners for going way way over slot to get these guys.

(We've heard MLB wasn't happy with it. Well, Mr Selig, we're not happy with how you destroyed the Expos farm system either, so right back atcha.)

Nothing's guaranteed, but the future sure looks bright from here!

m20832 said...

Screw selig....major ahole. Are these guys going to help the Nats get above .500? To the playoffs and beyond?
Let's hope so!


Anonymous8 said...

Wonk, major DUDOS to the Lerners? Is that like dog do-do spelled differently for emphasis that it is MAJOR as in large proportions?

A DC Wonk said...

Anonymous8 said...

Wonk, major DUDOS to the Lerners? Is that like dog do-do spelled differently for emphasis that it is MAJOR as in large proportions?

Camptown ladies sing this song, du-dah, du-dah . . .

No -- yikes -- sorry -- I meant "Major kudos"!

NatsLady said...

Now I have to listen to YOU sing? Sheesh!

Scooter said...

Looking at Alex Meyer in that picture, I repeated the line from Hunt for Red October: "[Goodness], that's a big [gentleman]."

MicheleS said...

@Scooter.. When I saw Meyer standing next to the other two guys, it was hilarious! He looked like a GIANT! The other two looked like little kids

N. Cognito said...

NatsLady said...
"Now I have to listen to YOU sing? Sheesh!"

Turn off your monitor and you won't have to listen to him.
It could be worse. He could be singing, "Sunshine, lollipos and rainbows."

Anonymous said...

If Selig is upset that the Nats paid above his personal slot figures for these players, GOOD.

The Nats are still in the bottom half of money spent on players so building for the future is their way to spend. The Yankees and their ilk can spend their way and Selig doesn't seem to mind that they have a payroll of more than three times the Nats.

This off season will be interesting but those look aheads can start after the season ends. The motto right now should be ".500 here we come". The goal is modest but meaningful.

Mike in Vienna

natsfan1a said...

Thanks for *that* particular earwig, Scooter.

Didn't see the full intros but saw Carp's interview with the kids on the pregame. Seems like a charming and humble bunch.

Scooter said...

Dude, I'm not the one quoting Lesley Gore!

(wish I'd thought of it)

natsfan1a said...

Oops, sorry about that, Scooter.

Scooter said...

It's okay; I forgive you.

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