Friday, July 15, 2011

September return still in play for Strasburg

ATLANTA -- Stephen Strasburg crossed another significant milepost in his rehabilitation from Tommy John surgery on Wednesday when he faced live hitters for the first time at the Nationals' spring training complex in Viera, Fla.

Strasburg threw 45 pitches during a "live batting practice" session and reported no problems. He's expected to throw another round on Monday, moving him one step closer to a potential return to the Nationals' rotation before the end of the season.

General manager Mike Rizzo reiterated today that the club has not determined yet whether Strasburg will pitch in the majors in 2011, though he hasn't ruled it out.

"I think it's in play, yeah," Rizzo said before the Nationals' second-half opener against the Braves. "If his rehab progresses on schedule, there's a chance he could get a major-league start in September."

Before that can happen, Strasburg still needs to pitch in some simulated games in Florida, then begin a minor-league rehab
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Knoxville Nat said...

Activate Wang as a starter and move Gorzelanny to the bullpen perhaps? That probably means someone has to go down to the 'Cuse or Harrisburg.

FlapJacks in Olney said...

So I looked online a while ago and couldn't find it, but does anyone know of a good internet feed of Strasmas. One of my favorite DC sports moments. Up there with Daryl Grant taking the interception into the endzone.

Scooter said...

Oh my goodness, Daryl Grant. I stopped caring about the Redskins half a lifetime ago, so they're pretty much out of my mind. But that play just came rushing back. It was a good one, wasn't it?

Oh, and to answer your question: I think you have to pay for the MLB online TV thingie to get Strasmas on the Infotubes.

However, if you receive MASN -- being in Olney, perhaps? -- they have replayed it as a Nationals Classic. You could maybe tape it next time. Then you have it to watch any time you want.

sjm308 said...

Who will be sent down if the place Wang on the 25 man roster? There really are not that many pitchers with options. I am guessing they could release Stairs and go with 13 pitchers and Bixler also has options. I think the only pitchers with options are LannEn and you certainly are not sending him down and Mattheus and in my opinion that would be a mistake. Help me out here.

Donald said...

They might deal Marquis or Coffee away before too long, and then Wang would take his spot. If they don't get rid of a starting pitcher in a trade, then they might move Gorzelanny to long relief which would mean sending Detwiler back to AAA. I think he has options.

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