Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Frazier, McConnell sign minor deals

The Nationals have signed outfielder/first baseman Jeff Frazier and shortstop Chris McConnell to minor-league contracts, according to Baseball America's Matt Eddy.

Frazier, 28, hit .256 with 25 homers and 73 RBI last season for Toledo, the Tigers' Class AAA affiliate. He led the International League with 73 extra-base hits and made his big-league debut in July, ultimately going 5-for-23 in nine games with Detroit.

The 6-foot-3, 195-pound, right-handed-hitting Frazier was the Tigers' third round pick in the 2004 draft and seems destined to open 2011 on Class AAA Syracuse's roster, with the potential for a promotion should the Nationals need another bat at some point.

McConnell, who turns 25 in December, is a talented defensive shortstop who spent the last seven seasons in the Royals' farm system. His offensive numbers (.231 with three homers, 31 RBI and a .670 OPS last season at Class AA Northwest Arkansas) aren't spectacular, but the 2004 ninth-round pick should help shore up the Nationals' infield defense at either Syracuse or Class AA Harrisburg.

Frazier and McConnell join Tim Wood, a 28-year-old right-hander who appeared in 44 games for the Marlins the last two seasons, as free agents who have signed minor-league contracts with the Nationals so far this winter.


bgib said...

OK, here we go.

Steve M. said...

Mark, that is interesting news on more journeymen. The big news this morning is on Victor Martinez.


Kind of as I thought, the Tigers met with Dunn last week to leverage their Victor Martinez deal which now looks like reports are saying VMart is signing with the Tigers which would mean they aren't going to pursue Dunn.

The other team that met with Dunn is the White Sox who want Dunn if they can't get Konerko to re-sign. I could see the Orioles possibly pursuing Dunn too although he would know with them that there is almost no chance of ever making the post-season there.

Feel Wood said...

The Tigers have now signed Victor Martinez. 4 years, $50M. Last night on MLB Hot Stove, Jon Heyman said that the Tigers have a ton of money to spend, and would be going after a couple of big bats - Victor Martinez and Jayson Werth. They're now halfway there. Heyman also said that they had talked seriously with Adam Dunn, but apparently his asking price is too high for them. Well, as we all know that asking price is a four year deal. Who's left now to offer Dunn a four year deal? The Cubs, the White Sox? Not likely. Who, then? And how long until Dunn realizes that his asking price is too high, and perhaps maybe he should shoot for a three year deal? And gosh, who has a three year offer on the table for Dunn? Why, the Nationals! Hmmm...

Mark said...

SteveM, good job on that plus Fox Sports is saying Aubrey Huff just agreed to a 2 year deal at $11 million per year.

Apparently that VMart deal has shaken up some of the 1st basemen.

Can the Nats do a deal with Dunn to match VMart's deal? At that price there is little risk to do 4 years.

Feel Wood said...

The Orioles, you say? Well, they did offer Victor Martinez 4yrs/$48M, which he turned down to sign with the Tigers. Might they turn around and offer that same $48M to Dunn, to be their 1B/LF/DH for the next four years? Maybe. But why should they, when they already have Luke Scott, who is also a 1B/LF/DH slugger - and left-handed to boot? Methinks Dunn's options for that four year deal he wants are drying up.

Steve M. said...

Mark at 11:59 wrote... Can the Nats do a deal with Dunn to match VMart's deal? At that price there is little risk to do 4 years.

There is always a risk but if there is a limited no trade clause then maybe the Nats could trade him in year 4.

Now Aubrey Huff has signed a 2 year deal with the Giants at $11 million per year.


If you use USA Today's Guide to the top 50 Free Agents then Dunn is in big trouble.

Here is the list of their top batters:

1) Carl Crawford
2) Paul Konerko
3) Jayson Werth
4) Adrian Beltre
5) Aubrey Huff
6) Victor Martinez
7) Adam Dunn

I don't necessarily believe they have them stacked right but this helps the Nats on all fronts including negotiating with Carlos Pena.

Anonymous said...

All - agree looks like all the movement at 1B makes Dunn's 4 year deal not likely but who knows maybe this will make the Nats use Redskins logic and lock him up for 5 years $78 mil!

NatsJack in Florida said...

SO I hope this helps all those SIGN DUNN NOW people from last summer understand the Nats reluctance to over pay or trade the guy for prospects. We came in last two years in a row with him, and we can actually improve the lineup this season with him OR without him.

Steve M. said...

NatsJack in Florida said...
we can actually improve the lineup this season with him OR without him.

NatsJack, how are you going to improve the lineup without him?

Replace 100+ RBIs and more importantly take care of Yogi Berra's argument that "Baseball is ninety percent mental and the other half is physical." He is right about the mental aspect. Look how Zim has performed with Alfonso Soriano in front of him in 2006 and Adam Dunn behind him in 2009 and 2010. Those were his best 3 years and his worst years were 2007 and 2008 without any power in the lineup. Yes, the game at times is 90% mental.

NatsJack in Florida said...

I actually believe it will be easier to improve the lineup WITHOUT him.

Zim's improvement at the plate can be attributed to experience as much as Adam Dunn's presence in the lineup. He hit his career high (at the time) home runs in 2007 (more than he did with Soriano who was a lead off hitter) and was hurt in 2008.

Adam Dunn is discovering his true value and the Nats have offered him more than he will receive from anyone else.

SonnyG10 said...

I would like to see Adam Dunn back for the 3 year deal the Nats have on the table. I'm afraid a 4 year deal might turn out like the Christian Goozman deal. Three years would give us time to get Harper to the majors and maybe another home grown or otherwise power hitter.

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