Sunday, October 10, 2010

NLDS Game 3: Phillies at Reds

File photo by Mark Zuckerman / NATS INSIDER
Great American Ball Park hosts its first-ever postseason game tonight.
The postseason hasn't been in Cincinnati since 1995, back when the Reds still played at Riverfront Stadium, Barry Larkin was the starting shortstop and Jim Bowden was the GM. Yeah, it's been a while.

And the return to the Queen City may be incredibly brief if the Reds can't figure out a way to get their act together and win Game 3 tonight. They've offered little reason to believe they can take down the Phillies through the series' first two games, whether getting no-hit by Roy Halladay or committing four errors in the Game 2 loss. It's going to take something special tonight to prolong this series.

One bit of encouraging news for Cincinnati: Shortstop Orlando Cabrera, who had originally been out of the lineup with with a strained oblique, talked way back in. He'll bat eighth, but we'll see if he can hold up...

Where: Great American Ball Park
Gametime: 8:07 p.m.
TV: TBS Radio: WTNT-570 AM
Weather: Clear, 71 degrees
CF Shane Victorino
3B Placido Polanco
2B Chase Utley
1B Ryan Howard
RF Jayson Werth
SS Jimmy Rollins
LF Raul Ibanez
C Carlos Ruiz
P Cole Hamels

CF Drew Stubbs
2B Brandon Phillips
1B Joey Votto
3B Scott Rolen
LF Jonny Gomes
C Ramon Hernandez
RF Jay Bruce
SS Orlando Cabrera
P Johnny Cueto
9:40 p.m. -- They're halfway through this one, with the Phillies now leading 2-0 thanks to an unearned run in the first on Orlando Cabrera's error and Chase Utley's solo homer in the fifth (which instant replay confirmed was not interfered by fans reaching over the right-field fence). Cole Hamels has looked very sharp. Johnny Cueto wasn't too bad himself, but he's now being pinch-hit for by Dusty Baker. So the Reds will need to rally to keep their season alive.

11:08 p.m. -- Say what you want about the Phillies (and I know you've got plenty to say) but you've got to admit: They're really good. And for the third straight year, they're headed to the NLCS. Cole Hamels just tossed a shutout to win Game 3, 2-0, and sweep the Reds. So to recap: The Phillies just swept the NL's best-hitting team, shutting them out twice in three games. And since the NLCS doesn't begin until Saturday, they've got plenty of time to line up Halladay, Oswalt and Hamels to pitch in that order once again. That is going to be one daunting challenge for either the Giants or Braves.


Nervous Nats Fan said...

I just became a BIG Braves/Giants fan. Ugh.

JaneB said...

Nervous Nats, me too. I'll be glad to see the amazing Philadelphia pitchers...and they truly are awesome...but I want someone else to go to the World Serious from the NL.

Anonymous said...

Crazy to think that I may be rooting for the Braves. Then again, my worst fear could come true and I'd have to root for the Phillies over the Yankees...yikes.

natsfan1a said...

Yeah, they're good, but so are the Yankees, and I don't like them, either. ;-) Anon @ 6:25, in your scenario (as happened last year), I just wouldn't watch the Series.

I dunno, I do wish Cox well, but that tomahawk chop thing makes it kinda hard for me to root for the Braves, at least for their home games. It's SFO for this California gal, at least while they're still in it. I'll cross that other bridge when I get there.

Michael J. Hayde said...

I think the Giants are the only NLDS team with a rotation that can approach the Philthies'. Plus, the Phils don't see the Giants as often and have to rely more heavily on video and scouting reports rather than personal experience. Although I'd been rooting for a last hurrah for Bobby Cox, I really, REALLY do not want the Phils to advance to the WS.

natsfan1a said...

Michael, I agree in principle re. the Phils and Giants. However, as much as I'd like to see the Giants advance (and would not like to see the Phils advance), I'm haunted by the memory of a game I watched on MLB Network earlier in the season. Lincecum started at home against the Phils and left the game with (what seemed to be) a commanding lead. The Phils came back against the SFO 'pen to win it (ugh - flashback. Now I have to go wash my brain out with soap or something :0).

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