Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's resolutions

US Presswire photo
Davey Johnson resolves to end his managerial career in style.
And so we can finally stop talking about 2012 and turn our attention to a new year that has the promise of being far more significant than any previous year in Nationals history.

With that in mind, I've once again managed to get my hands on several members of the Nationals' New Year's resolutions. (Don't ask how I pulled that off. A reporter never reveals his secrets.)

You may, however, get a kick out of reading last year's resolutions, a couple of which really did come to fruition (see, in particular, Charlie Slowes, Teddy Roosevelt and Nats fans as a whole). The one resolution that clearly wasn't met was my own, as evidenced merely by the topic of today's post.

OK, here we go with the Nationals' 2013 resolutions...

STEPHEN STRASBURG: Be on a big-league mound, with ball in hand, come October.

DREW STOREN: Be on a big-league mound, with ball in hand, come October, with two strikes and two outs in a potential postseason series clincher ... and officially put that demon to rest forever.

BRYCE HARPER: Make that Rookie of the Year performance seem like peanuts with a sophomore performance for the ages.

ADAM LAROCHE: Make a decision. This week. Please.

MICHAEL MORSE: Whether it's here in Washington or in parts yet unknown, put together a season worthy of a big-time contract next winter.

RYAN ZIMMERMAN: Play 162 games and be part of the MVP discussion.

GIO GONZALEZ: Once, just once, try to make it through a postgame interview without complimenting every other member of the Nationals organization. (NOTE: This resolution has no chance of coming true.)

JORDAN ZIMMERMANN: Whatever that was during the seventh inning of Game 4 of the NLDS, keep channeling it.

IAN DESMOND: Whatever that was during the entire 2012 season, keep channeling it.

DANNY ESPINOSA: Embrace the idea of emphasizing contact over swinging for the fences on occasion.

DENARD SPAN: As the 33rd man to patrol center field in Nationals history, don't give Mike Rizzo any reason to think he needs to find a 34th man.

JAYSON WERTH: Recognize why 2012 was so much more successful than 2011 on a personal level and continue doing what you do best instead of trying to be something you're not.

WILSON RAMOS: Simply put: Stay healthy and stay safe.

ROSS DETWILER: Make 30 starts and claim the title of "Best No. 5 Starter in Baseball."

DAN HAREN: Keep that lower back and hip loose and prove 2012 was merely a fluke and not the beginning of a downward trend.

TYLER CLIPPARD, RYAN MATTHEUS AND CRAIG STAMMEN: Pitch with the kind of passion previously exhibited only while reading passages from "Fifty Shades of Grey."

STEVE LOMBARDOZZI, TYLER MOORE, CHAD TRACY, ROGER BERNADINA AND KURT SUZUKI: Ensure the Goon Squad is as effective in 2013 as it was in 2012.

ZACH DUKE AND BILL BRAY: Make Nats fans forget about Sean Burnett, Michael Gonzalez and Tom Gorzelanny. Good luck with that.

HENRY RODRIGUEZ: Faced with the option of throwing the ball all the way to the backstop or not throwing the ball all the way to the backstop, go with NOT throwing the ball all the way to the backstop. (NOTE: Resolution unchanged from 2012.)

DAVEY JOHNSON: If this really is the end of the road, don't leave the dugout with any regrets. Pour everything into this season.

MIKE RIZZO: Don't veer off the course that has brought this franchise to this point. But don't be afraid to do something bold if it gives this franchise a better chance to win the World Series this year without destroying its long-term chances.

TED AND MARK LERNER: Keep staying out the way and letting smart baseball men make smart baseball decisions.

BUD SELIG: Just step in already and do something to resolve the most ludicrous TV rights deal in MLB.

NATS MARKETING DEPARTMENT: Figure out a creative way to keep the Presidents Race entertaining without becoming a farce. Otherwise, sit back and let championship-caliber baseball sell itself at long last.

NATS FANS: Remember what made 2012 so special, remember the feeling you experienced at the end of Game 4, remember the feeling you experienced at the end of Game 5 and continue helping develop D.C. into a great baseball town.

MARK ZUCKERMAN: Do a better job coming up with story ideas so I don't have to resort to writing another lame New Year's resolutions post in 2014. (NOTE: This resolution has no chance of coming true.)


Rabbit34 said...

I don't know Drew.....are you sure??!!

Rabbit34 said...

Yeah Michael, that's what it's all about.

Sunshine_Bobby_Carpenter_Is_Too_Pessimistic_For_Me said...

Resolution for all Nats Insiders posters: Be nice.
Happy New Year, everyone! World Series or Bust.

Doc said...

Great way of starting the NI in the New Year, MarkMeister!

I particularly liked the 'resolution' for The Beast. The guy deserves an extended professional opportunity at some good stats--even if it is with another team.

MicheleS said...

A Resolution for the entire team: STAY HEALTHY!!!!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Theophilus T. S. said...

Suggest for G. Gonzalez: Learn that the strike zone is your friend.

For W. Ramos: Report to training camp at 245#.

For H. Rodriguez: Fill your passport with visa stamps from all of the places around the world that love professional baseball, including Italy, Korea, Taiwan and, if you're good enough, Japan.

original Nats Fan said...

Wishing a safe, happy and healthy 2013 to all
Bud, get off your kiester and get the MASN situation settled

Traveler8 said...

Adam LaRoche's resolution from last year - show everyone why you were paid $16 million - certainly came true!

natsfan1a said...

Thanks, Mark, and Happy New Year to you, Mrs. Z, baby Z, and Insiders. Loved the one for Bud. ;-)

natsfan1a said...

Gio's, too. Hehe.

BigCat said...

Sign Laroche

Another_Sam said...

Happy new year to all. And I second Michele's thought -- for players and NI fans alike.

I revisisted last year's resolutions. I was reminded: one more year like last year from Morse and I'll no longer be a skeptic.

MZ -- not lame at all. LOL Again, thanks man, and happy new year.

baseballswami said...

Whoever requested some 2012 Nats Classics on MASN you got your wish. One last night, one right now. Ramos walk off against Philly!! I am in. I will record the parade.

Positively Half St. said...

1. It's sad how important a resolution for Bud Selig is so long after he ravaged the team.

2. No worries about Davey Johnson keeping his resolution.

3. The Nats Marketing Department will have a hard time maintaining the Presidents Race now. I wonder if new characters are coming this year.

4. Ross Detwiler can only try to be the best #5 starter if Dan Haren keeps his resolution very successfully. Otherwise Detwiler will try to be the best #4.

5. LaRoche needs a backup resolution, because he could fulfill his tomorrow and get off scott-free the rest of the year.

6. Thirty-three center fielders? Wow. I really hope Denard can stop the bleeding.

Happy New Year, Mark and everyone!


3on2out said...

KURT SUZUKI: Continue to provide clutch hitting and solid defense for Nationals in 2013 at a level that will make it clear that Ichiro ain't the only Suzuki with major baseball cred.

Feel Wood said...

Mark seems to think Ramos will be the #1 catcher out of the chute since he assigns Suzuki to the Goon Squad. I wouldn't be so sure about that, Mark. Ramos may be the catcher of the future, but he's coming off injury. The catcher of now is clearly Suzuki. He's a veteran, healthy and coming off a good year that was getting better as it ended. Ramos is going to need to win his job back. Right now he should be considered the Goon Squad guy.

baseballswami said...

Anyone see Rick Eckstein on a Rose Parade float? Kidney foundation. Very nice.

waddu eye no said...

let me sing the anthem! missed last year for the first time

oh, and let's bring a bunch of insiders with me.

3on2out said...

You are on the money, Feel Wood. Wilson will have be eased in...Kurt will be starting the majority of the games. Particularly during the cold weather of April and the cool nights of early May..

NatsNut said...

Loved revisiting last year's resolutions. Funny stuff.

In the small world department, sec 222, I met one of your fellow quartet singers the other day in my neighborhood bar watching the 'Skins game. It was kinda weird though when he asked how I know you..."um, from the comments section of someone else's blog." LOL

Tcostant said...

Mine is for peole to forget that Nats Park was ever taken over by Philly fans... Because the park is filled with Nats fans!

SonnyG10 said...

Nice topic, Mark. Happy New Year everybody! Thinking about nothing but the 2013 Nats now. Spring Training will be here before we know it.

Tcostant said...

I could use some spring -- brrrrrrrr

baseballswami said...

Been watching some Nat's classics from 2012 and some highlight shows. It has reminded me that very few , if any of those wins came easily. Many of them were definitely the hard way. The first half I think every game was within one run all the time. These guys should really be battle tested- with the Braves right behind them all the way I hope they have nerves of steel now.

peric said...

For W. Ramos: Report to training camp at 245#.

Way too heavy. He's not blocking for Alfred Morris. He needs to be between 190-210 MAX with that knee!

NCNatsie said...

Got a trip to Spring Training for Christmas. Hope to see some Insiders there!

baseballswami said...

I got some Nats tickets, a tiny George ornament and a toaster that burns a curly W onto your toast. American League games and so I will get to see Adam Dunn, Josh Willingham and The Tigers. Can't come soon enough for me!!

UnkyD said...

peric said...
For W. Ramos: Report to training camp at 245#.

Way too heavy. He's not blocking for Alfred Morris. He needs to be between 190-210 MAX with that knee!
Too heavy, I agree, but at 6', Wilson is a big strong boy... I'd like to see him at 220-230

A Strong Package for Gorse Hackage! said...

Bagwell, Piazza and The Hall: the irony of an ethical stand

Not the healthiest horse in the barn, but it isn't dead yet.

JaneB said...

Loved all the resolutions, including Sunshine Bobby C's!

Calendar has turned. Spring training is ever closer! GYFNG!

sjm308 said...

Happy New Year everyone!!

For the 23rd time, I just went back on wanting LaRoche to sign.
1. 3 years is just too long for a guy 33 years old
2. We have 3 guys right now who have played first in the major leagues and Skole is back there somewhere
3. Peric really does have a valid point that Zimm could end up at first and Rendon needs a place to play
4. Morse really should have a killer year as he works for his last big contract

Sooo - Morse next year with Rendon hopefully being called up late in the year. If Rendon is as advertised, or Zimm is still struggling with his throws, you make that move in 2014.

I fully expect to flop back to LaRoche in the next week after reading other reports, but for now I am not signing him for 3 years no matter what.

Again, Happy New Year to all

Go Nats!!

sjm308 said...

For MicheleS, 1A and others, here is a new grandfather picture!!

natsfan1a said...

Love it, sjm!

On a Nats gift note, my sis-in-law gave me a lovely tote bag, which I'll use at games.

NatsLady said...

sjm--cute, cute, cute, but--- you do know that you can get Nats blankets, right?

MicheleS said...

SJM308.. let Kevin know that I can babysit. I am sure your spousal equivalent will fight me for that!!!

1A.. TOTE BAG!! OMG I NEED THAT! (getting $100 of Nats Bucks will have to buy at the store!)

Faraz Shaikh said...

I am bored, trivia time.
Who said 'Not only is he talented, he has got a little smart.' about which Nats player and after what play/incidence?

Candide said...

Cunegonde and I went on a cruise to the Yucatan with her mother over Christmas. At Cozumel, a street vendor was selling what amounted to old glass beer bottles that had been melted flat, with sports teams' logos embedded in the melted glass. Saw some Yankees and Cowboys bottles, and remarked to Cunegonde that you didn't see any Nats bottles.

The vendor obviously heard me and pulled out a flat dark blue bottle with the familiar red curly W embedded in it.

So what souvenirs did we bring back from Mexico? A colorfully-painted salad bowl and a melted Washington Nationals bottle. It's on the stove, for when we have to put a used spoon down and don't want to get gravy all over the kitchen counter.

natsfan1a said...

Michele, not sure how she found it (she's not local) but the manufacturer's name, which I found amusing, is Pro-FAN-ity by Littlearth.

Section 222 said...

Just checking in for the first time. Thanks for the small world report NatsNut. That's funny.

Mark, I hope you don't come up with enough story ideas to replace your annual New Year's resolution post. It's not lame at all. For one thing, we can go back and see how they did. In addition, to the ones you highlighted, Werth, LaRoche, Gio, Lannan, and Rizzo did pretty well. Desmond didn't, but it didn't matter.

And there sure were a ton of comments on last year's post-- alot of about the National Anthem/GBA and also about whether the Nats should sign Prince Fielder. Boy does that seem like a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Two quotes from Churchill: one regarding yesterday and one for today (I was hoping I'd be able to post both yesterday, but, well, this is Washington).

"Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning."

"You can always count on Americans to do the right thing--after they've tried everything else."


Rabbit34 said...

I just noticed that LaRoche is not listed on the active roster. Morse is down as 1B with Moore as backup.

NatsJack in Florida said...

Uhh... when one is a "Free Agent" as is LaRoche, one is not on anyones roster.

UnkyD said...

Cuppa coffee, Rabbit?

BIGNAT33 said...

Okay - does anyone know where I can see the list of the 32 center fielders that we've had before Denard Span? Might be good for some off-season entertainment!

Feel Wood said...

Not only that. Three months before Opening Day, no one's roster is "active."

natsfan1a said...

I'm pouring. :-)

UnkyD said...

Cuppa coffee, Rabbit?
January 02, 2013 7:55 AM

Rabbit34 said...

Sorry Natsfan, Natsjack wins. Yawn. Cream;no sugar.

natsfan1a said...

That's how I take it, too, so I'll just have another cup myself. :-)

Faraz Shaikh said...

BIGNAT33, I think play index at BBref is used to get that list but I don't know how exactly and it is not completely free.

tedious way is going to team page for each season and finding CF from there.

Ghost Of Steve M. said...


Here's the 32 Nats players that have been in CF. Quite the list!

Section 222 said...

Thanks for that list Ghost. Even if you cut out everyone who played CF for under 100 innings over the eight years, removing people like Brian Bixler (infielder), Henry Mateo (infielder) Eurey Perez (Sept. callup), Luis Matos (who?), and Laynce Nix (!!)), that still leaves 18 guys who played more than 10 games worth of innings. Amazing.

And look at our top 5 guys -- truly a Murderer's Row of futility. Denard Span, come on down!

A Strong Package for Gorse Hackage! said...

I did it the tedious way. Sigh.
Here's a link, in lieu of a drink.
Ghost's link to click on

Mine is from
www.baseball-reference.com/teams/WSN/[YEAR]-fielding.shtml (replace [YEAR] with the year)

Year Player Games Starts
2005 Brad Wilkerson 92 88
Preston Wilson 55 54
Ryan Church 20 12
Marlon Byrd 11 6
Endy Chavez 6 2
Brandon Watson 1 0

2006 Marlon Byrd 57 44
Ryan Church 51 42
Nook Logan 26 25
Alex Escobar 23 19
Damian Jackson 22 15
Brandon Watson 8 7
Marlon Anderson 7 5
Austin Kearns 5 4
Luis Matos 3 1
Henry Mateo 1 0

2007 Nook Logan 111 79
Ryan Church 41 39
Ryan Langerhans 38 33
Brandon Watson 5 5
Justin Maxwell 5 5
Austin Kearns 6 1

2008 Lastings Milledge 134 134
Willie Harris 17 14
Roger Bernadina 14 12
Elijah Dukes 1 1

2009 Willie Harris 63 54
Nyjer Morgan 47 46
Elijah Dukes 35 32
Justin Maxwell 32 20
Lastings Milledge 5 5
Austin Kearns 3 2
Corey Patterson 2 2
Roger Bernadina 1 1
Jorge Padilla 1 0

2010 Nyjer Morgan 134 128
Roger Bernadina 26 20
Justin Maxwell 20 13
Willy Taveras 3 1
Willie Harris 2 0

2011 Rick Ankiel 105 84
Roger Bernadina 56 50
Jayson Werth 19 17
Jerry Hairston 9 6
Brian Bixler 4 4
Laynce Nix 4 0

2012 Bryce Harper 92 86
Rick Ankiel 62 37
Roger Bernadina 37 27
Jayson Werth 11 11
Corey Brown 2 1
Eury Perez 4 0
Brett Carroll 3 0

Ghost Of Steve M. said...

Sect222, you are welcome. Gorse, thanks for linking me up as I still can't figure that out!

BIGNAT33 said...

Thank you Gorse! Very cool. The list shows 30 center fielders, so I don't know if the previous figure of 32 was correct or not. But it is fun to look back at some of those names. Wow, Nyjer is still #1 all-time. That will change before too long, I hope.

Ghost Of Steve M. said...

Gorse, I like that, a link instead of a drink! We may need a chart on here for drinks owed!

Ghost Of Steve M. said...

BIGNAT33, there are 2 names on Page 2

Section 222 said...

Sofa's year by year is fascinating. In only 4 of 8 years did the same player start 100 or more games in CF. And the most games started in a year for us was Lastings' and Nyjer's 134 in 2008 and 2010, respectively. I truly hope that Span beats that record this year and for several seasons to come.

There are many stats that show how far the Nats have come since the bad old days but the fact that Nook Logan started 137 games in CF over two seasons for us is stunning.

Where was he going? What was he thinking?

Faraz Shaikh said...

GoSM, thanks. I did not think about FG.
sorry sofa for tedious work.

some of the names are mind-boggling. I don't even know that Henry and damian guys.

Ghost Of Steve M. said...

I used to sit a few innings each game in RFK in the premium club in Rightfield/Right-Centerfield where you had a great view above the outfielders. Its something you really don't get anymore in most of the modern stadiums because of the configuration.

Ryan Church with 821 innings in Centerfield with a cumulative 7.6 UZR. This is why UZR is so flawed. I would cringe at the poor jumps and reads that Church would get on balls when he played CF. Bryce Harper gets great reads off of the baseball and while he took some circuitous routes, he got better as the season went on.

I can't wait to see Denard Span in CF. I hope he has the arm to go with the range.

BIGNAT33 said...

Thanks Gorse. I didn't see page 2. How could I possibly forget Jorge Padilla and Henry Mateo?!

Ghost Of Steve M. said...

Faraz, you are welcome. Fangraphs is a great resource on database sorts.

A Strong Package for Gorse Hackage! said...

And since n=1 isn't as interesting, for comparison, here's another 8-year slice, this time coinciding with probably the best-case scenario--The Hawk's time in Montreal, 1976-1983, when he started fully 80% of all games they played. Still 18 different guys, including Joel Youngblood, and Terry Francona (!!).

1983 G GS
Andre Dawson 157 157
Terry Francona 3 2
Tim Raines 2 1
Gene Roof 1 0
Jerry White 5 2
Jim Wohlford 6 1

Andre Dawson 147 146
Jerry White 9 6
Roy Johnson 9 4
Dan Norman 6 4
Joel Youngblood 2 2
Terry Francona 1 0

Andre Dawson 103 103
Jerry White 13 4
Rowland Office 3 1
Bob Pate 2 0
Dan Briggs 2 0

Andre Dawson 147 147
Rowland Office 27 14
Jerry White 7 1

Andre Dawson 153 153
Jerry White 12 7

Andre Dawson 153 151
Del Unser 12 9
Sam Mejias 4 2
Tom Hutton 1 0

Andre Dawson 129 126
Del Unser 34 31
Sam Mejias 21 5

Ellis Valentine 56 55
Jerry White 66 47
Pepe Mangual 36 36
Andre Dawson 14 14
Del Unser 13 10
Pepe Frias 1 0

Faraz Shaikh said...

FG is a great resource. What I like even better about that site is how easily exportable their sheets are. One can easily click on your link and click export data on top right of columns and you have it in excel, this ready-for-analyses dataset. Also you can save reports on FG so that you can refer back to it any time you want. Just wonderful!

Ghost Of Steve M. said...

Talking about outfield configurations, here is a story on the new San Diego outfield renovations and their new wall. If you haven't been to Petco, I highly recommend it for a road trip this year!


By the way, I hate to give props to the poops in Baltimore, but their re-do to create a Red Loft concept on-top of their batters eye in CF is an incredible sight to watch a game and I highly recommend it for the 2 games the Nats will play this year in OPACY. I got to sit there for a couple of Angels games. They were first-come seats, not sure if they will be assigned seats in 2013.

By the way, the Dodgers hired away from the Orioles their stadium re-designer/planner Janet Marie Smith as the Dodgers will be doing a re-do and Dodger Stadium needs it real bad!

Section 222 said...

In honor of the new year and all my virtual and actual friends here, I have created a Google Doc (actually a spreadsheet) to keep track of drinks (beers, cokes, links, bourbon & Maalox, etc.) owed. Here's the link:

2013 Nats Insiders Drinks Owed


No signin required and everyone can edit. (No way am I taking responsibility for keeping track of everyone's beverage consumption.)

Just enter or find your name if you owe a drink and enter or find the name of the person to whom you owe a drink. To avoid doublecounting, I suggest we leave the entry of new drinks owed to the buyer not the recipient. But to get the ball rolling I have recorded Gorse's drink/link owed to Ghost. In addition, I owe both Gorse and Ghost many drinks from last year so I have recorded a drink to each to clear my debt.

I'll be happy to repost the link upon request. Also, I'm by no means an Excel expert, so if someone wants to improve the layout, feel free.


Ghost Of Steve M. said...

Sect222, that is fantastic!

A Strong Package for Gorse Hackage! said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
natsfan1a said...

This is a joke, right? Just checking. :-)

Section 222 said...

In honor of the new year and all my virtual and actual friends here, I have created a Google Doc (actually a spreadsheet) to keep track of drinks (beers, cokes, links, bourbon & Maalox, etc.) owed. Here's the link:

2013 Nats Insiders Drinks Owed

A Strong Package for Gorse Hackage! said...

It occurs to me, that could be the answer to posting stock answers to frequent questions, like how to post a hyperlink, or what GYFNG means, possibly a secondary blogroll...

Section 222 said...

1a, nope. Check out the link. Slow day. Should have included coffee as a drink for you. :-)

Ghost Of Steve M. said...

We can probably use Starbucks points to buy coffees in lieu of beers in the off-season!

A Strong Package for Gorse Hackage! said...

Wow, do we need games or what?

Ghost Of Steve M. said...

Gorse, a month and a 1/2 to Spring Training!

sjm308 said...

I just bought drinks for all those listed just because its a great site and yes, Gorse, we need games!!

Go Nats!!!

sjm308 said...

The big problem with this is that will run into MicheleS at Justin's and will actually buy her a drink. This could get costly. I will need to be careful with my imaginary friends.

Candide said...

222 - that's great! FWIW, I adjusted the column widths so no column is wider than the longest name in that column - will save space when there are 25 names stretching across the top.

Section 222 said...

Yes, be careful about incurring drink debts "just because". You never know when you might have to pay up!

Section 222 said...

Candide, many thanks. I owe you a drink for that!

sjm308 said...

Not that this "could" happen but what if Gorse Package decides to change his name?

Candide said...

Just in case I drop dead - to adjust column widths, all you need to do is go to the vertical line to the right of each column's header letter. Straddle the vertical line with your cursor until you have an arrow pointing both left and right at the same time. Then double-click. The column will be automatically resized for optimum width.

Next up - multiple regression analysis...

Candide said...

sjm308 said...Not that this "could" happen but what if Gorse Package decides to change his name?

Should be able to go in and edit it, I assume.

Candide said...

I've frozen the row and column headers, so you can scroll down to the bottom of the page (where 222 has a totals row) and still see the names up at the top.

Candide said...

I assume everyone's bookmarked the link? Here it is again: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ArHMZg5A8wSXdGViSG8xUGQxUlZzaUVxekJFNHFRcEE#gid=0

Faraz Shaikh said...

LOL everyone owes one to sec222 for creating the doc.

Ghost Of Steve M. said...

Buster Olney has been compiling his best teams. Best outfield, best starting rotation, etc.

Nats are his best outfield in the NL and #2 in the Majors behind the Angels (Trout, Josh Hamilton).

A Strong Package for Gorse Hackage! said...

sjm308 said...Not that this "could" happen but what if Gorse Package decides to change his name?

Should be able to go in and edit it, I assume.

It is easy; q.v. And I'll have to change it; Morse won't be available for much longer, at which point the exhortation becomes irrelevant. Not sure if I'll go back to some variation of Sofa, though.

And if Olney is betting, I'll take the Nats' 4 OF over the Angels' on the season, right now.

MicheleS said...

Well.. just went BANANAS on the Insider spreadsheet and added a bunch of beverages owed... Lord.. I am going to be broke.

A Strong Package for Gorse Hackage! said...

Lord.. I am going to be broke.

There, I fixed it. Added a DISCLAIMER worksheet.

A Strong Package for Gorse Hackage! said...


Although, Michele, I think you're off the hook, since Deuces did make this for 2013, so there shouldn't be any carry-over.

MicheleS said...

Mark New posted us with the Olney info!

natsfan1a said...

It says my browser isn't supported, and I'm not going to switch to Chrome. Also, it's kind of a busy day here, so I can't troubleshoot. But thanks for the thought. :-)

Section 222 said...

1a, nope. Check out the link. Slow day. Should have included coffee as a drink for you. :-)
January 02, 2013 11:21 AM

Devin said...

These are hilarious. Hope you don't follow your resolution.

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